Meet Dr. Cooper-Lovett

 Dr. Cooper-Lovett received a bachelor’s in psychology from the University at Buffalo. She has a master’s in marriage and family therapy from Syracuse and a Ph.D. in couple’s and family therapy from Drexel University. A licensed marriage and family therapist, and sex therapist, Dr. Cooper-Lovett is a clinical fellow of AAMFT and Approved Supervisor. She has over 15 years of experience working with individuals, couples, and families. 


Dr. Cooper-Lovett specializes in the area of trauma particularly domestic violence/intimate partner violence (IPV), sexual assault/abuse, and community violence that affects individuals, couples, and families. She also has a specialty in working with youth witnesses to IPV as well as at risk youth. Additionally Dr. Cooper-Lovett specializes in working with couples who are struggling with issues surrounding intimacy (emotional and sexual), trust, communication and connection. She also specializes  in working with sexual issues and human sexuality.


Dr. Cooper-Lovett is a sex therapist under the supervision of a certified sex therapist. Furthermore, Dr. Cooper-Lovett also works with couples who are in infidelity recovery and couples with situational violence. Lastly, Dr. Cooper works with women who are in process of finding themselves as it relates to their self-identity and happiness. She also specializes in sexuality and pleasure in women. Dr. Cooper-Lovett believes in the power of story telling and empowering clients by re-creating their stories so that they can begin transformative growth in their lives.  She also believes in providing a safe, and trusting therapeutic environment where clients can become vulnerable and transparent.  On a personal note, Dr. Cooper-Lovett is a wife and mother who loves to travel, enjoys being around family and finds her best peace at the water. 

Dr. Cooper-Lovett is also a mental health speaker, consultant, business coach and writer. For more information regarding these services Dr. Coop-Love's work you can go to her website at

Additionally, Dr. Cooper-Lovett is a certified Shamanic Tantric practitioner. She also has added spiritual healing and ancestral readings to her practices as well. If interested in tantric/spiritual healing and divination you can visit

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