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About A New Creation Psychotherapy Services LLC

Welcome to A New Creation Psychotherapy Services LLC. I am Dr. Candice Cooper-Lovett, therapist, owner, and CEO of A New Creation Psychotherapy Services. Thank you for taking the time out to visit our website. Here, we provide individual, couple, and family, and sex therapy services. A New Creation Psychotherapy Services is a place where you can take charge of your own life begin a new path to your growth and healing to become a healthier you! We create a safe and healing environment where clients can share their most difficult life circumstances with the hopes to begin their transformative growth process and feel empowered.

Are you ready to start your new journey to growth and healing? Call for a free individual, couple, family or life coaching consultation at 678-561-4468 or email at info@anewcreationpsychotherapy.com 

Welcome to the Beginning of a New Journey!!